Why Vote?

We know that many students are not disengaged in politics but with the political process. We also know that as individuals, many young people don’t vote because they may feel they cannot make a difference within a system which doesn’t engage with their needs.

VoteYour Voice

For this assembly election we aim to not only create an environment where you can play a key role but one where your own voice is heard. We can achieve this by coming together to break a cycle where both young people and politicians are disengaged and disconnected with one other. Take a simple but powerful step towards this goal by starting a conversation today about issues which are important to you. This can be anything from Transport to Housing. By telling your story you are not only empowering yourself but potentially many others.

To hear why your vote can make a difference from fellow students and young people visit our stories page. By registering to vote you can prevent both the student voice and it’s power to influence change from disappearing.

Each voter is entitled to two votes – one for their constituency Assembly Member who represents their own local area (1 of 40 constituencies in Wales) and one for a party or independent candidate to represent the region in which they live. This system is designed to ensure that the overall number of seats held by each party better reflects their true share of the vote.

National Voter Registration Day will take place on the 5th February with an event at the Senedd from 12:00 to 14:00. 


Who can vote?

Any citizen of the European Union resident in Wales, qualifying Commonwealth citizen or British citizen.

Election day is on the Thursday 5th May 2016.

How can I register?

Visit the government website at gov.co.uk/register-to-vote

aboutmyvote.co.uk is also a great resource to visit.