Inspiring Students

Inspiring students by being involved in activities on Voter Registration Day is a great way of getting them to register and make every vote count.

Here are some examples of activities that happened last year for your own inspiration. View a extensive guide here or take a look below for a brief roundup.

Inspiring Inspiring

Inspiring Activities






In Chester, students used ice cream vans to capture other student’s attention. They also created a fun space to discuss voter registration. This was a great way to engage students in signing up. For those with lower budgets an equally effective tactic was to offer discounts and vouchers to existing SU offers and events.

Meanwhile in Birmingham, ‘registration stations’ represented quirky and eye catching attractions. These highlighted the importance of voting to students while the use of Big Red Buses, both for a student residential area and halls made sure students knew it was a big event. This made it easy for students to register to vote on the day.

Another way of inspiring students is to encourage discussion by holding debates, tutorials or workshops. By following a tutorial approach, Derby College successfully incorporated registration into a learning context and reached students quickly.