What is the Assembly?

The Welsh Assembly is the elected body which examines the decisions made and laws proposed by the Welsh Government. It consists of members of every party, of which there are a total of 60, to represent communities across Wales. The Welsh government represents the party with the most elected members. It cannot, however, cannot pass laws on its own. It is currently formed by Welsh Labour, which is represented by 30 members. This means the assembly has a separate function from the government but still maintains a very important relationship with it. A great site to visit to learn more is the Your Assembly webpage

How Does the Assembly Affect You?

There are many subjects which it can pass laws which affect students. These include;

  • Education and Training (Both Further and Higher Education)
  • Housing
  • Health and Health Services
  • Transport
  • Social Services
  • Welsh Language

After members are elected you will have opportunity to engage with whoever represents your community through petitions or other channels. To find out more check out our page on Petitions.

Members from different parties can also form committees on specific issues. Often they seek input from expert advisors and members of the community before making decisions. As young person you can play an important part of these communities and therefore the assembly itself.

Click on the image below to see a summary of every area which the assembly has control of.